Thank you for your interest in becoming a counselor at Summer Ink!

What position am I qualified for?

Senior Counselors are classroom teachers or older college or graduate school students.  If you are not yet trained in The Writers’ Express Method™ (WEX), we will train you. If you are in college or graduate school, you need to have prior experience as a Summer Ink camper or Junior Counselor to be considered for a Senior Counselor position.


Junior Counselors are high school or college students. You must be at least 16 years old and entering 11th grade.

Why become a Junior Counselor?

If you attended Summer Ink, you experienced first-hand the excitement of the program, and the way it transforms campers into confident writers. You might even remember how much you looked up to your counselors, especially the JCs. As a Junior Counselor, you can become a role model to younger campers, helping them improve their writing, connect socially, learn new skills, and have fun. Being a Summer Ink JC gives you the chance to make a lasting impact on a camper.

Why become a Senior Counselor?

One of the perks of being a Summer Ink Senior Counselor is being trained in The Writers’ Express Method™ (WEX). If you’re a teacher, WEX will invigorate your teaching and give you useful tools to bring back to the classroom. At camp, you will have time to coach students one-on-one on their writing – a luxury generally lacking during the school year. You will see amazing progress in the skills and confidence of your campers in just one two-week session.

What programs are you offering?

Please visit our Simmons Camp and Boston & Beyond pages for descriptions of the programs we are offering this summer.

Summer Ink Camp Counselors
Summer Ink Camp Counselors