Cooking by Rachel

I gently tugged at the long string of half-formed mozzarella, relishing the feeling of the soft, stretchy cheese in my hands. Jilly and I pulled and smoothed, pulled and smoothed, dangling the cheese over a spoon to get gravity’s added input. The infatuating scent of the cheese wafted up to my nose, and I inhaled deeply, loving every second of it. Still we pulled and smoothed, pulled and smoothed, until we had a long strand of cheese dangling over our big metal spoon. I caught that delicious scent again, that scent of dairy and rich creaminess and caprese on a summer night.

Slowly, but surely, I saw a ball of delicious mozzarella emerge from the shapeless lump of curds. It was amazing to watch, and so much simpler to do than I ever would have thought it to be. When Jilly and I finished forming it into a ball, we plopped it carefully into a pan full of ice cold water. I stood there a while, watching the cheese sitting peacefully in its pan. It was so easy to make, yet so incredible to watch. I can’t wait to make mozzarella again.

Rachel S.
8th Grade

Simmons Camp