2017 Fall Reading at Brookline Booksmith

On October 29th, 2017, Summer Ink campers, along with family and friends, came out in force to celebrate their writing accomplishments. Our annual fall reading was held at Brookline Booksmith, a beautiful venue that regularly hosts world-renowned authors. As our campers stood before the microphone, their words painted vivid images of the exciting activities they experienced last summer: a suspenseful fencing match, an adrenaline-fueled climb up a rock face, a germ-filled salsa lesson. The campers’ writing showcased their humor and strong point of view, and their words clearly delighted the audience.

Every camp family in attendance received a complimentary copy of The Collection, a compilation of camper writing from summer 2017 – and a testament to the skills campers developed during each two-week session. Several families bought additional copies as gifts for grandparents and teachers.

At the start of the event, Summer Ink’s Board chairman, Arthur Unobskey, introduced the organization’s incoming executive director, Rosamund Conroy, and thanked outgoing executive director Vicki Krupp.

We are already preparing for summer 2018! We hope to hear from you on opening day of registration — January 15th.

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Summer Ink will not be holding its summer program in 2024. We will update our site when the program is back. Thank you for your interest; please email info@summerink.org with any questions.
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