High School Summer Writing Program Pilots a New Curriculum

Boston & Beyond just got a makeover! The new curriculum for our high school campers, piloted this summer, featured exploration of neighborhoods around the city, including East Boston, Harvard Square, Charlestown, Fort Point, and Kendall Square. In each place, campers interviewed residents and shop owners, took guided tours, engaged in a local activity, and tasted foods, all with the goal of understanding the neighborhood in a new way – and communicating these new perspectives in writing.

The new curriculum truly sets Boston & Beyond (for 9th and 10th graders) apart from the Simmons Camp (for middle schoolers). While Simmons campers stay on campus for much of each day and take an occasional field trip, Boston & Beyond campers travel throughout the city, leaving early and often not returning until closing circle. With the new curriculum, we also shifted emphasis to the writing skills that high schoolers need most. While they still work on focusing their writing, a pillar of our program, Boston & Beyond campers also practice organizing an essay, establishing setting and place, creating complex characters, incorporating meaningful dialogue, and developing deep themes in their writing. Our high school campers come face-to-face with mature issues like gentrification and addiction as they travel through the city, and they practice writing about these issues with clarity and through their own unique lens.

For the many Simmons campers who return to Summer Ink year after year, Boston & Beyond offers 9th and 10th graders a new and different summer writing program, one tailored to the needs and interests of high school students.

More questions about Boston & Beyond? Visit Boston & Beyond FAQs.

Summer Ink will not be holding its summer program in 2024. We will update our site when the program is back. Thank you for your interest; please email info@summerink.org with any questions.
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