Partner Organizations

Every year, we work with partner schools and organizations that send cohorts of students to Summer Ink. Over the past few years, our partners have included:

Bates Elementary School
Blackstone Elementary School
Brooke Charter School
Conservatory Lab Charter School
Match Charter Public Middle School
Mother Caroline Academy
Steps to Success, Brookline
UP Academy
Winter Hill Community Innovation School

FamilyAid Boston
The Steppingstone Foundation


Our thanks go to the many individuals who have supported Summer Ink through donations to our scholarship fund:

Mark Allyn
Rebecca Drill and Peter Alpert
Joe and Shannon Amsler
Adam Amsterdam
Mr. Antonio Aquilina
Amy and Len Bard
Sebastian and Sue Bonaiuto
Daniel and Claire Caine
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Campbell
Kin Chan
Barry and Linda Coffman
Burton J. Cohen
Holiday and David Collins
Drs. Hope Ricciotti and Vincent Connelly
Michael Faigen
Mr. Sam Feinsilver
Miriam Feinsilver
Tom and Carla Fortmann
Ronna and Stan Foster
Michael and Linda Frieze
Leslie Gaffin
Lee and Tina Gartley
Peter Zheutlin and Judy Gelman
Dr. Fred Goldner
Leslie Gordon and David Goodtree
Anish Goyal
Sharyn and Gary Greenstein
Debra S Block and William Hamilton
Michael S. and Tanya Hochschild
John Hunt
Jill Anne Jacobs
Steve Kapner
Andrew Karson
Laura Thorp and Joel Katz
Jeffrey Katz
Fredie Kay
Florence Koplow
Julie Korostoff
Dr. Alan Krupp
Elizabeth LeBaron

Judy Levenson and Mark Coven
Jane Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Levy
Marty and Jenny Lipman
Bill Littlefield
Paul and Marji Marcus
Kathy and David Mislan
Heidi Brown and Rich Moche
Randi Lite and Richard B. Moody
Richard and Susan Neckes
Jill and Peter Olive
Jennifer Power
Carole and Fred Pritzker
Dr. Neil Pundit
Sarika Pundit
Michael Reck
Ina and Gerald Regosin
Mr. Jonathan Regosin
Nancy and Scott Richmond
Jose Estabil and Janet Rickershauser
Jane Levin and Bob Rifkin
Larni and Richard Rosenlev
Gita F. Rothschild-Berry
Theona Royer
Joan Saltzman
Linda and Richard Schaye
Leslie Caulfield and Peter Schindler
David and Jillian Segal
Terry and Doryce Seltzer
Jayne Raphael and Jeff Simmons
Reyna and Sami Simnegar
Julia Blatt and Ken Siskind
Ms. Pamela Skerker
Debra and Jim Squires
Eugene and Julia Step
David and Mary Grace Summergrad
Jody Feinberg and Dan Teplin
Deborah Reck and Arthur Unobskey
Ned Weisman
Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall


We are grateful to the foundations and institutions that have given generously in recent years to support our mission:

AGM Summer Fund
The Gustave G. and Valla Amsterdam Foundation
Gretchen’s Kids
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Staples Foundation 2 Million & Change

Summer Ink will not be holding its summer program in 2024. We will update our site when the program is back. Thank you for your interest; please email with any questions.
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