I walked through the doors of the restaurant nervous and not really happy. For a person that doesn’t like trying new things, this is a nightmare. Trudging towards the table, I look around at the carts of food being pushed around the restaurant. To me, it all looked disgusting. I was regretting my choice of coming here. As one of the food carts approaches my table, I glance at the food in disgust. The slimy white egg looking food, which I now know are dumplings, looked like a snail with no shell rolled up in a ball. At first I thought the brown square shaped thing was a giant worm. While everyone was devouring the food like they haven’t ate in months, I was awkwardly eating my fried rice slowly and occasionally taking a sip of my water. More and more food came, and the less I ate. It all looked so disgusting and slimy. But the worst was yet to come. Another cart rolled our way, unleashing a batch of slugs with honey poured on them. Or at least that’s what it looked like. I didn’t want to be anywhere near that filth. It was the most disgusting food I’ve ever seen. Chinese food is definitely not for me.

Jazmine P.
9th Grade

Boston & Beyond

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