Bashar’s wild shouts coupled with the slightly deranged look in his eye added up to the very picture of insanity. I felt my eyes pop open even wider, and I did my best to fake-eat more quickly. He was screaming instructions left and right: “GET DOWN,” “GET OVER HERE,” and just general wordless screaming. I checked behind me to see everyone else still in the game sitting on the floor and eating calmly – at least, it seemed calm compared to what Bashar was doing. He could have been sitting next to a rabid monkey and the monkey would have appeared as cool and collected as the Dalai Lama.

“STARFISH!” Naheem yelled, and Bashar grabbed the person closest to him and threw her into our foursome. I almost forgot to walk in a circle, so distracted was I by his unnerving passion for this game. I had done improv games in the past, including ones that scared me and made me cry. This one should have been easy, no sweat, but Bashar’s frenzied madness took it to a whole new level. Out of my comfort zone? My comfort zone could have been on the moon. I thought about moving away from that psycho, but as the game continued, I saw it was safer to stay near him and volunteer for the three-men-in-a-boat, or the starfish, rather than have him drag me across the room. The game went on – surprisingly there were no casualties yet.

“Buoy – Hit the decks! – Buoy! – Hit the decks! – Buoy! – Hit the decks!” Up down, up down, up down. Bashar’s foot was too close to my face for comfort.


Naheem barked out the order and I started to stand. I wasn’t even fully vertical yet when another command came flying out.


I started to lie back down, realizing too late that he hadn’t called, “At ease.” I was out. With a mixture of relief – I wasn’t going to die today – and annoyance, I walked over to the room and turned to watch the rest of the game.

Kathleen A.
10th Grade

Boston & Beyond

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