The hat in the middle of the room was both ornate and exotic. It screamed foreign beauty, radiated grace and delicacy, demanded attention. The more I looked at it, the more fascinated I became.

According to the tour guide, it was a worn by women of high status in ancient China. That was obvious by the looks of it. The hat was a royal blue, with swans (or cranes) poking their heads out all over. Pearls hung from the hat’s edges, as if to complement the elegance of the woman lucky enough to wear the hat.

I wanted to reach out, finger the swans with their heads of wire, stroke the little flowers with their tangled leaves. The dancing swirls and intricate curls were like ripples in this peaceful lake, this proud royal-blue hat.

Seeing it made me wish to see what a traditional Chinese wedding had been like, way back then, in the time of the Yin Yu Tang.

Ashley C.
9th Grade

Boston & Beyond

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