It lurched toward me. Rolling with the force of a thousand hurricanes, mudslides, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and geysers. I staggered back as I looked upon it, a sphere of ivory and shadow. It reminded me of that symbol of two things created with one white part with a black circle and a black part with a white circle within.

I leaped forward as I heard a loud, strong voice bellow, “Three.”

It was there, in front of me. As I drew back my foot, I saw the opponent rushing towards me with eyes wide. I kicked the ball in a random direction, hoping it would reach one of my teammates. No such luck. It sailed right over the edge of the field. The opponent, and probably everyone on the field, stared at me as if I was mad.

I thought to myself, “What did I just do?”

Alek M.
8th Grade

Simmons Camp

Summer Ink will not be holding its summer program in 2024. We will update our site when the program is back. Thank you for your interest; please email with any questions.
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