Right before it was my turn to stand up, I was nervous. Very nervous. I could feel the sweat on my hands distort the smooth, white chalk they gave me as I got ready to ascend the ladder. I started to shake as I looked down and saw everyone watching. This was the first time I had done any kind of trapeze work and dozens of people staring at me did not help one bit. As soon as I grabbed the bar, tons of scenarios entered my brain of what could go wrong: I could fall or not be able to get my knees on and disappoint myself.

While I was thinking about the different possibilities, I realized I had zoned out and made a glazed over look on my face. I quickly snapped back to attention and refocused on the instructions given to me. As the instructor gave me the cue, I immediately jumped off the platform and felt a gush of wind on my face. I then pulled my knees over the bar and let go. Everything was upside-down, but it felt like I was flying and that nothing could stop me. I smiled as I let go completely and fell from a perfect moment. I stumbled to the edge of the net with a free feeling and a sense of great accomplishment. I wish I could take this feeling with me for the rest of my life.

Alana M.
10th Grade

Boston & Beyond

Summer Ink will not be holding its summer program in 2024. We will update our site when the program is back. Thank you for your interest; please email info@summerink.org with any questions.
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