Terms of Agreement

Who We Are

Summer Ink campers come from Boston, the suburbs, and from around the country and world to participate in our programs. Whether an enthusiastic or reluctant writer, each is dedicated to working hard and gaining the most they can for the length of the two-week session. Our senior counselors are experienced classroom teachers, and our junior counselors are high school or college students with a demonstrated interest and ability in writing. They are dedicated and hard working, and they care deeply about the safety, education, and social experience of the campers. Our staff works together to ensure that each camper has a rewarding experience at Summer Ink. This combined effort allows for our campers to grow in ways that can profoundly influence their success in school and beyond. As such, we ask that campers and parents/guardians carefully read and agree to our terms.

Daily Attendance

Summer Ink strongly urges consistent, all-day attendance to maximize each camper’s learning experience. Our program is carefully structured to reinforce and build on lessons from day to day. Taking children out of camp for non-essential activities prevents them from benefitting fully from our program. Picking up children early or bringing them late disrupts the learning experience of all campers. We request that, when possible, parents/guardians schedule appointments, family vacation days, and other activities either before or after the Summer Ink camp session.

Loss or Destruction of Property

Summer Ink is not responsible for a camper’s lost, damaged, or stolen personal belongings. The doors to classrooms at Simmons College are never locked. Campers play sports in the Back Bay Fens where personal items may not be secure. Therefore Summer Ink strongly discourages campers from bringing cell phones, electronics, and other valuables to camp. Summer Ink’s insurance does not cover students’ personal belongings and parent/guardians should check their own insurance policies to be sure their child’s belongings are covered against loss, theft or damage. In addition, parent/guardians will be held financially responsible for their child’s willful or accidental destruction or loss of any Summer Ink equipment/property or that of Simmons College.

Codes of Conduct

Parents/guardians and campers must understand that for the health, safety and welfare of all members of the Summer Ink community, campers must abide by all rules established by Summer Ink or by Summer Ink staff members. Summer Ink reserves the right to dismiss any camper from the program that the staff believes, in their discretion, is injurious to him/herself or others, presents a safety concern or medical risk, is disruptive, or otherwise conducts him/herself in a manner detrimental to the program. The possession or use of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia and/or alcohol, regular and excessive tardiness, negative attitude, not adhering to rules, sexual harassment, tampering with fire alarms, physical fighting, vandalism, and throwing things out of windows are all examples of conduct that Summer Ink considers detrimental to the program, which can lead to early dismissal.

Medical Treatment

Campers and parents/guardians authorize Summer Ink staff to obtain or provide medical care for camper, to transport camper to a medical facility and to provide treatment they consider necessary for the camper’s health. Campers and parent/guardians agree that Summer Ink has no responsibility for medical care provided to camper, and agree to pay all costs associated with that care and transportation.

Medication and Wellbeing

Families are responsible for indicating any and all medications that the camper will bring the camp and any health specifics on the online registration and Medications forms through the camper’s online account. Families are responsible for ensuring that the medication is clearly labeled, is in the original container, and that dosage and time of administration is clear. Families can choose for medication to be self-administered or for medication to be administered by a designated health care counselor. Summer Ink reserves the right to collect, inspect, and hold any and all medications for the safety and well being of the camp community.

Authorization to Participate in Camp Activities

Parents/guardians will provide an accurate health history for their child, to the best of their knowledge, and give permission for their child to engage in all prescribed camp activities unless otherwise noted, including but not limited to swimming, boating, basketball, tennis, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, cooking, arts and crafts, and field trips using public transportation and/or motor vehicles.

Authorization to Release Content

The camper and/or parent/guardian retain copyright to writing pieces that the camper produces while attending Summer Ink. However, they grant Summer Ink permission to use, distribute, share, reproduce, modify, adapt, and publicly display such content, for any purpose. This includes the publication of student writing in The Collection and the display of student writing in printed promotional materials, and on the Summer Ink website and social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photo Release

Camper and parent/guardian authorize Summer Ink, and/or parties designated by Summer Ink, to use photos, videos and recordings which may be taken of or include the camper, in promotional materials, including websites and social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Transportation Release

Parent/guardian understands that there are times during the course of the program when campers will travel off campus on field trips to local recreation areas, parks, studios, or museums. Parent/guardian understands that public transportation is the primary mode of transportation, and gives permission for their child to attend these field trips and to ride on public subways and buses as well as buses operated by licensed transportation companies.

Summer Ink will not be holding its summer program in 2024. We will update our site when the program is back. Thank you for your interest; please email info@summerink.org with any questions.
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